The Fringe of the Fringe is back!

Edinburgh Festival Camping is super excited to announce that the show on the Fringe of the Fringe is back for it’s 4th year!


Every year, Edinburgh Festival Camping brings to it’s guests a show that is literally on the Fringe of the Fringe, featuring performers who join us to share their passion, make you laugh, or at least try! It’s free, it’s funny and we try to get everyone involved.


Anything goes at the Fringe of the Fringe, so be prepared for a night of unpredictability… we’ve have comedians, magicians, poets, belly dancing classes, burlesque, a jazz playing Darth Vader, balloon animal & juggling classes, so who knows what we’ll get this year!


There are few other places in Edinburgh that can claim to have their venue  in a Giant Tipi, or be completely organic, homegrown and all about sharing and building a community.


Saturday nights, 9pm – 11pm.

Line up announced on the day.



We love our little stage! Set in our Giant Tipi at the heart of our campsite, we have lots of seating, lots of green spaces for the kids to run around, and a low key bar for an evening drink or that pre-bedtime hot chocolate. Our venue is home to breakfast in the morning, a social and relaxing space in the day and then our Official Fringe Venue in the evenings. We’re open to all and there is no admission fee. We want people to perform here for the love of performing, and that is the place it has become. We welcome resident and non-resident performers to come here to perform, and for campsite guests to enjoy their company, or have a go themselves with whatever they’d like to share.


Last year we had comedians, musicians, spoken word poetry and magicians performing amazing close up magic tricks.


Performing at and attending our venue is free.



This year, we are putting together a programme to make the most of this great space and diverse audience. If you’re interested in performing at our venue, please get in touch. We already offer a discount to performers who stay with us for more than 10 days, but you don’t need to be staying with us to enjoy this awesome venue!


Get in touch by dropping us a line at ! We are a variety show so set lengths are restricted to about 30 minutes… anything including audience participation is highly welcomed!


For performers this is an ideal place to practise their material and advertise their shows, as well as learn from their audience. Performers are welcome put out a hat.



We are a campsite, so looking after our guests is our NUMBER 1 priority. That means no amplified music after 11pm and we ask all performers to respect that there may be children around and people sleeping nearby.


We also do not have super techy stage stuff, just a mic and an amplifier actually…. so if you need extra stuff, you’ll need to bring this with you.

Find out more about Performer accommodation