Budget group accommodation at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

When you’re a theatre ensemble, a troupe of performers, or a group of friends, finding suitable accommodation over the Edinburgh Festival period can be a bit tricky. Finding somewhere that will suit all your needs takes a bit more consideration.

Travelling and staying somewhere together is fantastic way to enjoy the festival and not something you should compromise on, so here are a few things we think you should consider when looking for your group accommodation…


Finding accommodation with enough beds is obviously a big factor, especially for your mate who draws the short straw and has to sleep on the floor! But what if you are a performance group and need storage space, or room to practice,  dance, practice your yoga, or maybe do some hula-hooping? When you’re looking for accommodation, finding a place with enough sleeping space, and space to feel at home is an absolute must.


Edinburgh is a big city with lots of wonderful areas to explore, and the festival is spread out over hundreds of different venues. Budget accommodation shouldn’t mean it’s a hassle to find your way into the heart of the festival. We recommend checking the local transport options to make sure you get to spend more time enjoying all the amazing shows, and less time watching the scenery out a bus window.

Hot tip: book early! The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest Fringe festival in the world and accommodation books up fast.


Look for places with kitchens, so you can cook up a feast with your friends, enjoy each other’s company and save money at the same time!

It’s also good idea to make sure there are enough bathrooms at your accommodation… sounds obvious, but it’s tempting to go for the Airbnb accommodation that’s been put up at last minute, until you discover there’s loads of you sharing the hot water!


If you’re new to the city, there’s nothing more helpful than first hand information. Finding somewhere with a friendly atmosphere and staff or other visitors who can share information with you will help you discover everything that Edinburgh has to offer. Chatting to other guests will help you find out about shows you might want to see, or avoid shows that aren’t worth it. There’s so much happening in Edinburgh over the Festival period, a little guidance goes a long way!


And don’t forget the little things that make you comfortable when away from home, like a nice cup of tea. Depending on how long you’re staying for, having a chance to relax away from the craziness of the city centre might be important to you. Think about what you need from your daily routine to be able to function fully and how your choice of accommodation will affect that.


We think we have the perfect accommodation to suit all groups and all budgets.

Yes, we’re a campsite, but we’re also a Fringe Venue, a beloved home to visitors and performers who stay with us year upon year, and we are proud of our welcoming community atmosphere. We have excellent shower facilities, loads of green space for kicking a ball around, having a BBQ or practising your show, and our super friendly staff are help you all day long. We are on public transport routes that are serviced 24 hours a day, with great links to the airport, and if you like a bacon sandwich in the morning, we make those too!

If you are a performer, take advantage of our Performers discount  – ONLY £13 PER PERSON PER NIGHT when you stay with us for a minimum of 10 nights!