Come perform at our OFFICIAL FRINGE VENUE. 

Open 3rd – 28th August.

Hannah Griffiths, Darth Vader and Ginger Rabbit Burlesque performing at Edinburgh Festival Camping



For the third year running, Edinburgh Festival Camping will be opening it’s official Fringe Venue to performers, welcoming individuals and groups to showcase their talents, refine their jokes and wow the audience.


With a guaranteed audience each day, set within our campsite, we are looking for people who want to enjoy themselves and share their time and talent with us. If you are looking for a venue to host you, keep reading…



Our venue is a little different to others around us and we love it. Based in our main tent on our campsite, our venue is home to breakfast in the morning, a social and relaxing space in the day and our bar and Official Fringe Venue in the evenings. Open to all, we welcome resident and non-resident performers to come here, perform on our stage and enjoy the mixed audience they will receive.


Intended for all ages, our venue is a space where families can come and relax in the evening, children can tell jokes, where we can enjoy people’s stories and dance to their music. Last year we had comedians, musicians, spoken word poetry and magicians performing amazing close up magic tricks.


Performing at and attending our venue is free. For performers this is an ideal place to practise their material, advertise their shows, and learn from their audience. Performers may put out a hat and spectators are welcome to give donations if they wish.


This year, we are putting together a programme to make the most of this great space and diverse audience.



Being a campsite, we are many people’s home over the festival period and so we quickly form a community. For performers this is an amazing opportunity to learn from each other, build new skills, create contacts and just have fun with like minded people.


During the week when we do not have a stage programme, our stage is often taken over by impromptu jam sessions by our resident musicians. Outside, juggling lessons, theatre rehearsals and magic tricks are common place.


If you are a resident on the campsite and want to show off your talents, whatever they may be, you are more than welcome to join us on our stage.



If you would like to perform for us, please get in touch.


We just need to know:


  • The dates you are available
  • The type of performance
  • The length of your set (between 20-90 minutes)
  • Whether your performance is suitable for children (if not, we will schedule you for later in the evening)
  • If you require any equipment to be provided
  • And if you are staying with us


If you have any promotional material, or a blurb outlining your performance, please also submit this. Any information we have will be of help and we can use your material to promote you to our guests.


We will be in touch to confirm we have received your email, add you to our Venue Performers mailing list and confirm our programme and details nearer the date. We do request that once you have committed to performing with us at a set time and date that you uphold this commitment.


If you have any questions, please contact us.