Edinburgh Fringe and Festivals Participant, Performer and Crew Camping

If you're taking part in one of the many shows, whether Fringe or not, and whether performing or crewing, in Edinburgh during this festival period then this is the place for you.




We are currently working with our electricity supplier to provide a limited number of Performer / Participant Electric Pitches, to be located in the Countryside area. If you are a Performer / Participant and you would like Electric Hook Up, first priority will be given to those who book first. Once we have confirmed prices, we will get in contact with pre-sale information.

So, what's it all about if you're a participant?

Moneyback Guarantee

if your show falls through*

Pay only 50% Now

and the rest later on in April

Bring What You Need

for no extra cost - van / caravan / kitchen sink... you only pay for yourself

Change Your Dates

whenever you want free of charge*

*See Terms and Conditions for full details

Long Term Stay

We know you need to be in Edinburgh for a long time and we’re geared up to make sure you will be comfortable for that length of time. Opening from 2nd – 27th August 2018.

We’ll Look after you

The Campingnina Crew with Operation Teaset

Some of you may be here for the 1st time, or maybe you’re a seasoned pro – either way it can be a tiring and emotional time full of highs and lows. We get it and we want you to come “home” and feel relaxed and de-stressed. We have spaces for you to relax in and have a catch up, as well as a bar and canteen to fuel up in. As well as that our team will get to know you and are always good sounding boards and happy to have a chat…


The whole place had such a friendly atmosphere, we ended up much preferring performing there than in our own venue in the city centre. We started calling it ‘home’, as it was for almost a month, and felt like we were all part of one big family.
Lynne, Operation Perfect Teaset

Bring Your Family and Friends too at the same discounted rates…

Fun Family times and game playing at Edinburgh Festival and Fringe Camping

If you make a booking then your family and friends can come and stay with you and only pay the participant rates. Get them to come and join in the fun and experience the Fringe and Festivals with you.

Performer Pre-Pitched
Tents available

Skip the hassle by staying in on of our Pre-Pitched Tents, complete with comfy air beds! Only an additional £11 per night for a 2 Person Tent and £22 per night for a 4 Person Tent. See more about our Pre-Pitched Tents here.

Really Great Value

£13 a night

You’re working at The Fringe and trying to produce a great show on a low budget; the last thing you need is cripplingly expensive accommodation. Well, here’s your answer – stay for the entire Festival period for £338! The cheapest hostel price for a bed in a mixed dorm of 20 with no privacy is about £760 for the same period.

First class, friendly welcome, helpful ‘can do’ attitude. Evening entertainment, very cheap
Martin, Participant

Great on-site Facilities

The Royal Highland Centre is a great facility itself and we will be adding a lot more too. Here are just a few things we have as standard: loads of charging points, proper hot showers (always kept spick and span), lots of proper flushing toilets, all day cafe, licensed bar, camp kitchen, 2 undercover seating areas where all are welcome to bring your own beers, relax and chill out, share stories etc… There is also a small “loch” with a beach in the middle of the campsite – so bring your sunbathing gear!!


It’s been lovely. Very nice staff and just enough of everything that matters in hospitality, thank you for being welcoming
Anna, Fringe Participant

Camping? Really? For 4 Weeks?

YES!! We had lots of Edinburgh Fringe and Festival Performers stay with us for the full 4 weeks every year for the last four years, many of those returning customers, which really shows (excuse the pun) that it works! You can bring what you need, for example large groups often bring tents and marquees. The beauty is that you really can create your own space and make it feel like home. You can chill out and relax peacefully by the lake or hang out with other Fringe Participants and Goers in the social areas. On top of that you are part of a community of others having the time of your lives….


A much needed option for Edinburgh Festival. Very lovely set up and highly accommodating of all us loons!! Thank you!
Vix H, Fringe Performer

Get your act together at our Official Venue!

Show off your wares whenever you like to hundreds of campers with previews of your shows – have fun with it, try something new and promote yourselves silly…. .and hand out as many flyers as you want!

we ended up much preferring performing there than in our own venue in the city centre.
Pat, Operation Perfect Teaset

Be Together

Make Yourself at Home

The lovely Cedarfolk camping in the Performers Area at Edinburgh Festival and Fringe Camping

We’re set up so you can camp as a group with your crew and team. Bring campervans, bring caravans, bring tents, bring gazebos, bring your kitchen sink – we will accommodate it all in our special Performer and Crew Zone.

Travel Pass for all Edinburgh Public Transport – from 80p a journey

Easy access to all Edinburgh Venues by public transport and a great tram link. Monthly Passes are £54 for unlimited travel; Weekly Passes are £18 for unlimited travel.

Talk to us if you have any questions

We know this may be a new thing for you and maybe something which you might have some questions about before booking. So, why not send us an email, give us a call or have a live chat with us by clicking below – we’re always willing to have a chat or answer any queries you may have.

Email: efc@campingninja.com

Phone: 01252 279321

Fringe Participant Pitches at Edinburgh Festival Camping

One standard price whatever you're bringing
(minimum 10 night stay)

Bring your own tent, campervan, caravan, trailer tent, milk float (whatever you want)!

Set yourself up in a group with a communal cooking with plenty of space to relax or find a spot on your own away from it all – up to you.

We charge per person per night and there is no limit to how many tents you bring or what size – we do ask that you bring a tent appropriate to how many people are going to be in it and how long you are staying – we trust your judgement on this!

If you want to avoid the hassle and arrive to your lovingly pre-erected tent, just get in touch to enquire about staying in one of our Pre-Pitched Tents!

Facilities on Site

Fringe 2015 Performer Case Study: Operation Teaset

Operation Perfect Tea Set Flyer from Edinburgh Fringe
I was part of a group of 4 staying at the campsite for 3 1/2 weeks, for the entire period of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (``Operation Perfect Teaset`` was our show) and Camping Ninja was brilliant!
Operation Perfect Teaset Performing at our Fringe Venue 368
As performers, we also had loads of opportunity to perform/rehearse any material we wanted in the marquee (we did two shows in the end) and the whole place had such a friendly atmosphere, we ended up much preferring performing there than in our own venue in the city centre.
As none of us were regular campers, our tent putting-up skills were interesting. We knew we'd put them up incorrectly, but we thought 'that'd do' and a few days into our stay we came back to the campsite to Kind David (he was very kind) saying ``you'll be the death of me``, revealing that the tents were collapsing under heavy winds, so they'd put the tents up as they should be (i.e. with the correct poles in the correct places), as well as hammering down our wind break etc.
Hannah Operation Perfect Teaset before setting up tent at Edinburgh Festival Camping
We started calling it 'home', as it was for almost a month, and felt like we were all part of one big family. For instance, you feel like you can happily wander around the entire time in your dressing gown and no one will bat an eyelid.
We were very lucky weather-wise, (not much rain), and they really looked after us during our stay, starting with our welcome beers on arrival, ending with a free bacon sandwich before we left (they were using the last of the bacon anyway, I think, but we were very pleased)!
The usual things people would expect from a decent campsite were all in place - clean toilets and showers, a cooking tent (which we didn't use as we had our own stuff, but it looked nice), good washing facilities etc and a breakfast tent, which also served snacks and hot drinks in the evening too. There's also a freezer to put your ice blocks in and charging points for electrical stuff too. There's also a little lake/pond which is really pretty and plenty of space (we weren't crammed in right next to another tent).
All in all, we had a blast. It was almost like a retreat coming back to the campsite from the city - we'd've spent more time in the city, but we actually just wanted to go back and get our dressing gowns back on after our show most days. We'll definitely return. 🙂

Operation Perfect Teaset are a comedy sketch group based in Manchester. Find out about more of what they are up to…

Availability and Booking

There is a minimum 10 night stay to qualify for the discounted Participant rate.

Go to our Booking page, put in your dates (between 1st and 26th August 2019) and scroll down to the Performer Pitch Option...