Volunteers Edinburgh Festival Camping




We asked some of our past volunteers to sum up their experiences… 



Here’s what they said….





Name: Marine

Nationality: French

Length of stay: 4 weeks

Name: Becky

Nationality: British

Length of stay: 4 weeks

Name: Lynne

Nationality: British

Length of stay: 2 weeks

How did you find out about volunteering at Edinburgh Festival Camping?

I found out about the volunteering experience when a friend told me. After that I checked on your website.

~Marine volunteered with friends she was travelling with.

I helped out at the Tour de France at Ripon in 2014 and met Rhian (the company director) there… it went from there.

~Becky volunteered with us at the Tour de France, Glasgow 2014, and Edinburgh Festival Camping 2015 and 2016.

Camped with Campingninja during London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 games, received information from Campingninja mailing list re EFC [Edinburgh Festival Camping] and volunteer opportunities.

What were you doing before volunteering at Edinburgh Festival Camping?

Before coming I was travelling and I was just thinking that it would be a good deal to come and volunteer, and have time to see the shows.

I was at university doing a teaching degree.
I’m retired so didn’t have any commitments, would normally visit family and friends during August. EFC wasn’t part of my plans, but, decided to volunteer and see what happened.

What tasks did you do as a volunteer?

I did several tasks: the breakfast (both of them, cleaning and serving people), obviously cleaning the showers and toilets (that I liked!!), check in and check out, the bar, cleaning tents and cleaning the Glamping area, and helping cleaning everything down at the end.

Tent erection, cleaning, check in, admin, customer service, bar, breakfast and pack down… everything!

I performed a variety of tasks, cleaning toilets, shower blocks, tents and Glamping pods, check-in, bar, taking tents down and general site tidying.

Did you use your own camping kit? Was the kit (if provided) suitable for you?

I used my own camping kit, you know, for storage, but your tents are much better!!! Everything was perfect with it!!

~Marine camped in the staff camping area, amongst the staff and other volunteers.

No, I used EFC’s kit, it was ideal.

~Before volunteering with us, Becky had never camped before!

I used my own camping kit.

~Lynne camped in the general camping area with the guests.

What was your favourite job while you volunteered with us?

I must admit that my favourite jobs were the pretty early ones in the morning because I like that all the rest of the day is free, but I didn’t mind any of the tasks if they were changing.

Check in because you get to speak to the campers, see how everyone is and get to know everyone.

I enjoyed the bar work and check-in most but, happy to do any.

What was your volunteering highlight?

I didn’t have any expectations of the volunteering experience except sharing good moments with good people, which I did!!

Meeting people from all over the world and making friends for life.

Loved volunteers night, it was great to socialise and get to know the other volunteers better. Liked being able to visit the fringe either before or after your shift and the flexibility of the shifts to accommodate this.

Would you volunteer with us again?

I’ll surely come back this year!!

Yes I would… which is why I come back every year!

Volunteered at EFC the last 2 years, so, yes I would volunteer again.