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Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world!  Over 49,000 performances, 299 venues and over 3000 shows!  Unknown artists looking to cast their name in the world of entertainment, through to internationally respected entertainers, the Fringe is an amazing showcase of global talent offering literally anyone with a story to tell or act to perform the chance to show us what they’ve got..


The Festival Fringe plays host to performances in all genres of entertainment: musicals, opera, music, spoken word, circus, dance, comedy, children’s shows, cabaret and physical theatre. There is truly something to entertain every one around every corner of Edinburgh!  Just about every building that has available space transforms itself into a Fringe venue.


The Festival Fringe society is the registered charity who create the Festival Fringe each year, promoting venues and artists and showcasing this unique festival across the globe.


Alongside the Festival Fringe the Free Fringe have been operating for some years now too offering many many free shows to enjoy.


Held around the city in Pubs & Clubs there are three organisations who have taken on the mantle of the “Free Fringe”: the Laughing Horse, Peter Buckley Hill’s Free Fringe Comedy, and La Favorita Freestival.


You’ll find daily shows with comedy, spoken word, theatre, cabaret and live performances, across a variety of venues.


You can usually catch a free show just by turning up at the door, however some free shows can be booked in advance through the Fringe Box Office


Impossible to miss is the ‘Fringe on the High Street’


Royal Mile is the Hub of the Fringe Festival , known as ‘Venue 10’ you’ll find street performers and acts previewing their shows every day here. There’s plenty of cultural free shows for all ages to enjoy. Performers and artists showcase their acts here  and there’s loads of childrens entertainment too! This is a great area to enjoy the festival buzz and soak up the Fringe atmosphere too in one of the many eateries.


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4th - 28th August 2017


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