When to book Edinburgh Festival and Fringe accommodation

It’s always difficult to tell whether it’s best to book early or wait for an offer. We do it with everything nowadays, it’s such a normal part of our shopping experience. But with holidays, it’s a tricky one – some service providers offer last minute offers, some don’t. So we wanted to be honest about us, Edinburgh Festival Camping, so you know when it’s best to book and how to get the best offers.





One thing that all visitors to Scotland should be aware of is that while Scotland is vast and largely, very remote, a lot of tourists come here every year… and that means what little accommodation there is gets booked up very quickly! Whether you’re going to Edinburgh or out to the Highlands, you must book early… particularly if you’re heading towards major tourist destinations in the Highlands and the islands where they receive far more tourists than they can accommodate.





The Edinburgh Festivals and Fringe receives as many as 4.5 million people every year, from all over the world. The demand on accommodation is very high, and that’s why we set up Edinburgh Festival Camping four years ago. If you’re not sure what to expect of our campsite, please feel free to give us a call. We can however assure you that we are a fairly normal (albeit very cool) campsite… think good showers, real coffee, badminton nets and footballs, lots of green space, friendly staff, a licensed bar and hot chocolate.




In short, yes. We’ve been really lucky these last three years that we have received so many visitors to our campsite, many of them returning year after year. On weekends we do sell out of accommodation options and if there is a big event on, we can be really busy during the week too. Booking online is the best option if you can. Our phones rings off the hook throughout August, and while we do our best to answer your calls, we do miss some. Our advice is, when you know that you are coming, book! There is no point in delaying, and it could result in disappointment.




In today’s climate, it’s really normal for holiday providers to offer last minute discounts, however this is something we have never done and it is not a common practise for any campsite. Our best offers are always available early on. To guarantee you get the best price, book when sales for the following year open from September on wards – this is always our best offer, and we offer free cancellation and date changes too.

We do not have special offers on very often, but if you do want to know if we’ve got an offer coming up, please feel free to contact us.




We recommend that you take out travel insurance when you book any holiday. Many people think that travel insurance only covers you if you are going overseas… this is not true! If you book a holiday in the UK, you can get travel insurance to cover you in case you can’t make it.