The people who make the Festivals happen

The countdown is really on now until Edinburgh Festival Camping opens its doors on 1st August and it’s getting very exciting here at the Campingninja HQ! Our Venue 403 line up is looking busy with lots of performers who will be sharing with us some of their material from shows past and present. We wanted to share with you some of the talented people who make these festivals happen, and the faces you’re likely to see contributing to the evening entertainment at Venue 403 in the Tipis. It’s our pleasure to support these artists and performers, so check out their shows on the Ed Fringe website and say hello when you see them in the tipis!



WHEN: 1-6th, 8-13th, 15-20th & 22-25th August 2019 at 12.30.
WHERE: Laughing Horse @ The Brass Monkey, Venue 153

Poettess is a psychotherapist. She is also a word fiddler. Accompanied by accomplished musician Isaac Bacon, she unveils a spellbinding story about love and loss, life, death and, above all, redemption. We are given this life and our choices determine how we live it. Tess unravels gifts that were buried deep in sorrow and revealed to her in an astonishing way that will touch your soul. Through deft and cleverly crafted word play, she recounts how, in defeat, she learned to fly. You can too. Dark humour and punchy pros. Truly inspirational.

“Mindblowing!… hugely gripping, fabulously crafted poetry, borne from personal tragedy, a huge depth of experience, and personal development. Tess has presence and presents – she hand’s you a gift: words that will dance beside you and haunt you long after you leave her space.” – Surrey Mirror

Check out Poettess’ show A Talking Therapist’s Blues from 1-6th, 8-13th, 15-20th & 22-25th August 2019 at 12.30. This is a free event.

Check out our Evening Entertainment Boards for the daily line up. Poettess will be staying with us for the full month so we’re look forward to hearing some of her poetry.



WHEN: 12th-17th August 2019, 15.55
WHERE: Paradise in the Vault, Venue 29

Through the characters of Hamlet, Old Hamlet and Ophelia we address the universal themes of unconditional love, betrayal, resentment and death. Hamlet has killed, destroyed relationships, and hidden his true feelings… all to avenge his father’s death. When these characters meet in purgatory what will be the consequences? Will they mend, rebuild and move forward? Or will it forever destroy their relationship?

This intimate experience asks you to keep your own experience secret from those yet to see it. Can you keep a secret?

“A brilliant rollercoaster ride of emotions; I’d recommend it to everyone!” – Sue Ingham, Director of Fallfest.

Check out their show To be or not to be? Purgatory is the question from 12th-17th August 2019 at 15.55.

Check out our Evening Entertainment Boards for the Venue 403 Special Performance from Falling Stars Theatre.



WHEN: 2nd-26th August 2019, 21:00
WHERE: Zoo Southside, Venue 83

Ziggy Stardust takes us on a tragical Mystery Tour through the life of a nearly- was- Rock star, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, AKA Lee Mark-Jones! This one man- show plays out against a backdrop of videos and scenes from his early life, our jaded, ageing rocker sings along with his young pretty self and belts out songs from Punk to the Present, from an initially glamtastic, then tragic Rock N Roll career.

Co-starring Lemmy, Slash, Axl Rose, Blondie, Joey Ramone and Joan Jett amongst others.

Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and Damned is the creation of Lee Mark Jones AKA Gypsy Lee Pistolero and specialises in chaotic and surreal contemporary theatre and performance with Dramaturgy by Dan Coleman (Dawn State Theatre).

“I intend to attract a new kind of audience which does not usually go to the theatre; an audience craving strange journeys of darkness, horror, suspense, and wonder. All these thrills we will provoke into life, in the flesh, breathing and bleeding on stage, and right in your face.”

“I love Lee, he’s dangerous and doesn’t give a f**k and I love that.” – Chris Thorpe

Check out A Rock’n’Roll Suicide! from 2nd-26th August. Preview tickets available on 2nd, 3rd & 4th August. Two-for-one tickets available on 5th and 6th August.

Lee is staying with us for the month so make sure you give him a cheer when you spot him on our Venue 403 stage. I bet he’s got some really good stories too…



WHEN: 19th – 24th August 2019, 19.40
WHERE: Greenside @ Nicolson Square – Lime Studio, Venue 209

At the age of five she already knew she wanted to play the cello and conquer the world with her red cello case on her back. Carly E started off playing classical music in orchestras, but ultimately didn’t see a future in it. So she set out to travel around the world and find out what she really wanted. Away from home she found her calling. In It’s That Simple she tells entertaining stories in-between songs about her adventures in London and Buenos Aires. Her playful music is an eclectic mix of jazz and pop.

A combination of classical cello, story telling and comedy, Carly will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe for only a few nights.

You can see It’s That Simple from 19th – 24th August at Greenside @ Nicolson Square at 19.40.

We are very much looking forward to Carly sharing some of her music with us, dates to be confirmed!



WHEN: Regular performances, check the Evening Entertainment board for more info
WHERE: The Tipis at Edinburgh Festival Camping

We regularly have comedians, musicians, poets, magicians and dancers join us. If you’d like to get involved, come see our venue manager Alex when you arrive at the campsite or send us an email.

Check out the Entertainment board for daily updates on what’s on each evening.

Don’t forget, we also will have a daily Evening Meal Special on offer from 6pm! Read more here.



WHEN: Sunday evenings
WHERE: The Tipis at Edinburgh Festival Camping

Join us for the Edinburgh Festival Camping pub quiz every Sunday evening!