Eco-friendly camping at Edinburgh Festival Camping

In our continued efforts to make Edinburgh Festival Camping as earth-friendly and sustainable as we can, we’ve incorporated some new initiatives around the campsite. 

BYO Water bottle – Drinking water is conveniently available at all taps around the site, so you can easily stay hydrated!

Recycling bins: We know it sounds obvious, however we still love to encourage all guests to dispose of their waste into the separate garbage and recycling bins onsite. If you’re unsure what can go in each bin, then please ask our EFC – Eco-Friendly Crew!

Greener cafe service: To minimise waste produced at Edinburgh Festival Camping, we want to encourage environmentally sustainable practices so please do bring along your own cups, plates, bowls and cutlery if you are purchasing meals, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the tipis. There’s washing up sinks available onsite so you can easily clean and reuse your items.

20p off your Coffee: If you bring you bring your own coffee cup when purchasing one in the Tipi cafe/bar, then you’ll save 20p off the price.

Greener Camping: We’re very excited to have upgraded all of our sleeping bags for 2019, and we’ve found a local company to work with to have the bags laundered after each use.  This enables us to extend the usage of the bags, as previously new bags were used once and then donated to charity where they only had a short life before being thrown away.

Project Recamp: No longer need your camping kit? Donate it! We will be collecting donations for Project Recamp – a great initiative that accepts donations of camping kit, including sleeping bags, pillows, camping chairs and tents so they can be passed onto people who need them. Project Recamp was launched in 2014 to combat the throw-away culture that we have at places like Glastonbury, where campers abandon their equipment and camping gear ends up in landfill. 

Food Donation box: Heading home and can’t take your leftover dry foods or cooking oils with you? We have a food donation box in our camp kitchen, where leftover or unused items can be left. Other guests (and our grateful volunteers!) can then make use of these items if needed and nothing has to go to waste and get thrown out. 

Overall, we try to not use plastics at Edinburgh Festival Camping where we can. Each year we discover new ways to minimise plastic usage and choose more sustainable products to ensure the campsite experience is eco-friendly, and the environmental impact of the Festival attendees staying at our site is as small as possible. 

Thank you for helping us in our earth friendly endeavours!