Edinburgh just got a whole lot better for Fringe Performers!

Campingninja are back for 2016 and bringing their bespoke brand of affordable accommodation, with performers and crew at the heart of it, to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Accommodation is one of the biggest costs participants face when deciding to come to Edinburgh and put on a show. Campingninja have changed all of that for good by providing a welcoming and affordable base for them – Edinburgh Festival Camping.


£12 a night in Edinburgh during August? Seriously?


Campingninja are the pop-up campsite specialists and in 2015 they hosted hundreds of Artists from all over the world (and Scotland) for up to a month at a time at their unique Edinburgh Festival Campsite.


What shone through from 2015 was how it wasn’t just a great value place to stay in Edinburgh; it ended up being a hugely positive factor in the overall experience for performers. With its collaborative and supportive atmosphere, and home from home ethos, many first time Fringe Artists found that being part of such a community of like minded performers gave them a level of comfort and confidence they would have otherwise been without.


“We started calling it ‘home’, as it was for almost a month, and felt like we were all part of one big family. For instance, you feel like you can happily wander around the entire time in your dressing gown and no one will bat an eyelid.” Lynne, Operation Perfect Teaset


The campsite itself is also an Official Fringe Venue and allows performers to practice, hone and perfect their material in front of live audiences, by co-ordinating free, live “variety” shows with anyone and everyone welcome to perform. The support and feedback from fellow performers and the public is priceless…. “I feel like I’ve just been inside ‘The Mighty Boosh’ for the past hour” .Chris, Camper and Fringe Visitor


“When we launched in 2015 some organisers and promoters were reticent about camping being an option for performers during August in Edinburgh,” revealed Geoff Vaughan of Campingninja. “The reality was it proved a great place to base yourself as a performer. There’s lots of space, room to practice, loads of other performers to bounce ideas off or give a hug to when reviews come in. There was such an amazing collection of people on the site it has quickly become our favourite event to run; it’s not often you see Darth Vader on a keyboard at breakfast, listen to a world famous 32 piece choral ensemble at lunchtime and then have sketch shows, jazz bands and comedians jamming and performing at night! A little bonkers, but we loved it and can’t wait for 2016”.


The team from Campingninja go out of their way to make life as easy as they can for performers and that starts as soon as they make a booking –  they run a guarantee scheme for performers meaning if they don’t secure a venue by the end of April they can receive a full refund. They also take staggered payments to ease the burden on cash flows yet still allow performers to secure the best rates available.


“As performers, we also had loads of opportunity to perform/rehearse any material we wanted on their marquee stage and the whole place had such a friendly atmosphere, we ended up much preferring performing there than in our own venue in the city centre.” said Pat from Operation Perfect Teaset.


“A much needed option for Edinburgh Festival. Very lovely set up and highly accommodating of all us loons!! Thank you!”  said Vix from The Verity Standen Project (HUG).


Get a taster of what it’s all about with the 2015 Campingninja Edinburgh Festival Camping Showreel: https://youtu.be/NEt36H5-9SY


More information and bookings for Edinburgh Festival Camping can be found here on the Edinburgh Festival Camping Website (Participant Section).


2016 Bookings are now open.


For all media enquiries and details on Campingninja’s affiliate scheme please contact

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Notes to Editor

Campingninja creates and operates amazing campsites at world class cultural and sporting events. Launched in 2009 we have looked after fans from 85 different nationalities.


In 2012 Campingninja hosted over 12,000 people during the London 2012 Olympics and followed that up by hosting over 8,000 during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. During the Olympic and Commonwealth Games we looked after fans, workforces and thousands of official volunteers. In between global events Campingninja has created sites for Tough Mudder Europe, Endurance events, The Tour de France, Charity gatherings, Formula 1, Moto GP, Balloon fiestas, Music festivals and many many more.


Current projects include: Edinburgh Festivals, Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Euro 2016 Football championships, Russia 2018 Fifa World Cup and Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games among others.


Images available on request

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