Our mission to become Edinburgh’s most environmentally friendly campsite

Have you been thinking about all those single use plastics, or the amount of ‘stuff’ we all treat as disposable? We have.


This is something we’ve been thinking about for a long time actually, and while there’s loads of stuff we’ve done in the past to make our campsite greener and to give the equipment we use a new home where it’s really needed, 2018 means a whole bunch of new changes. We can’t wait to implement these and start working with these awesome new projects, and we’re super excited to be competing for the title of the greenest and most environmentally friendly campsite in Edinburgh!





For those of you who aren’t familiar with our Project Recamp, for the last 4 years we’ve been donating used and unwanted camping equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, bedding and blankets to a variety of charities across the UK. Last year, we donated hundreds of sleeping bags to homeless charities Streetwork and Foursquare in Edinburgh so that their response teams on the ground could give these out to people they encountered on the streets, and also in their Crisis Accommodation facilities. Knowing our equipment is going to a good cause after Edinburgh Festival Camping is fantastic.


Do something amazing for these two incredible charities Foursquare and Streetwork today.





Kudos to Crackpacs, a really cool UK based company who create backpacks and chalk bags (amongst other things) out of old TENTS! Their mission is to stop these materials going to landfill and to create something really awesome in the process. They look great, really, we think these are the bees knees and we can’t wait to be contributing to this very cool, innovative project. Crackpacs also donate some of their profits from each sale to charity! Look out for our donation point and further info at Edinburgh Festival Camping.


Read more about Crackpacs here.





We recently went to a suppliers fair with the intention of finding the BEST reusable coffee cup. Let me tell you, there are so many options!! Bamboo, the most well-established; rice husk and coffee husk, using waste products that otherwise would have been thrown out; and coffee cups made from old coffee cups! It really made an impression on us that there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be offering these at Edinburgh Festival Camping for our environmentally minded guests.


We’ve always given a discount to people who bring their own coffee cups in our cafe, but this year we’ll be making an extra special effort to reduce the amount of disposable ones we use. They’ll still be available, but hopefully we’ll see a reduction. And that will be great!


We’ll be selling Re-usable Coffee Cups so our guests can make their choice when they order their coffees in the morning, and we also hope to be selling glass water bottles so we can do away with those pesky plastic ones! I mean, the water in Scotland tastes great…





You’ll also be seeing our new jazzy recycling facilities which will reduce our waste massively! We hope you’ll see the number of differences that we’ll be making this year and that you’ll feel good about your stay in Edinburgh.


If there are any changes you’d like to see, please get in touch at efc@campingninja.com.