Our big plans for Edinburgh Festival Camping 2018

This year, we tried out a few new things at Edinburgh Festival Camping, including bringing along our Giant Tipi to be the new home of our Fringe Venue 403 and cafe, offering Camping Pods and expanding our campsite into the Meadow.

We’ve been listening to and reading our guests’ feedback, so we hope these changes are representative of the changes our guests have asked for. Thank you all for your comments on what you enjoy about our campsite and what we can do to make our site better.

Now we’re looking forward to what we can bring to Edinburgh Festival Camping 2018, with lots of new improvements for our guests and a bit of a makeover for the whole site!





Our camp kitchen has always been simple, and popular with our guests. We offer camping stoves, tables, and all the dinnerware needed for our guests can cook themselves a treat… but it is getting a MAKEOVER.

Next year, our camp kitchen will be remade into a fresh new facility with proper work tops, additional camping stoves, cupboards for storage and just more space for our guests to enjoy cooking in. We’re really excited about this, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

We’ve listened to feedback and will be adding in more washing up sinks as well!



We strongly believe that businesses should be doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and take responsibility for their waste. The rubbish at Edinburgh Festival Camping is recycled, but we feel that we could be doing more to help reduce the waste that is generated.

Introducing… our reusable coffee cups! Reusable bamboo travel cups will be available to our guests so that they can enjoy their guilt-free cup o’ joe. We’ll still have paper cups, as so many of our guests like to take their coffee to the bus stop, but we hope that by offering travel mugs made from environmentally sustainable materials, we’ll still be making a big difference!

We’ll also be putting out more recycling points and bins so that our guests can responsibly dispose of their rubbish and avoid contaminating recyclable products.



Water points and our chemical waste disposal point will be more conveniently located for our guests’ use. The chemical waste disposal will be moved from it’s current location to the Meadow, where the disposal point will be tucked away and screened from the campsite.



We’ve always received great feedback about our showers, and you don’t really get better than our fixed toilet blocks. However we will be installing additional bathroom facilities on our campsite to ensure that we can continue to deliver plenty of hot showers and loos for our guests!



We will also upgrading our post breakfast, afternoon and evening meal offerings at our cafe in the Giant Tipi, so watch this space for more delicious updates.

There’s actually loads of things we’ll be working on to improve our service and our guests’ experiences. We’ve had three years now to see what works, and we’re really looking forward to revealing our exciting new improvements at Edinburgh Festival Camping 2018!