Project Re-Camp 2016 supports Venture Scotland and Streetworks

We’d like to thank everyone who donated unwanted and unused kit this year to Project Re-Camp. We loathe the idea that so much camping kit could end up in landfill when there are so many organisations and people who could benefit from being able to use it. So, we collected up a load of all kinds of kit and this year donated it to the following charities:

Venture Scotland

Venture Scotland LogoVenture Scotland is an amazing organisation with a great ethos. They run an outdoor-based personal development programme for young people aged 16-30, who face complex and difficult problems.

They build the confidence and skills of young people and aim to empower each individual we work with to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

Their team of personal development staff work in partnership with over 150 volunteers to lead their programme. Volunteers motivate, inspire and mentor young people. They encourage young people to volunteer as they progress through our programme, enabling them to make the leap from being supported to making a contribution to others. Whilst volunteering, young people are supported to access education, training and employment.

The kit that Edinburgh Festival Camping donated will be primarily used to give to young people who have completed the programme so that they can continue to access the outdoors under their own steam.

We donated several tents, around 50 sleeping bags (from our pre-pitched tent package) as well as gas stoves, gas canisters, sleeping mats and other useful camping equipment.

Check out the following Participant’s video to see what Venture Scotland does and means. And why not click on a link to see if you can get involved?



Streetwork LogoStreetwork Edinburgh go out, seek, find and connect with people who are in such trouble that they find themselves on the street. Regardless of whatever brought this about, they work to enable them to bring safety and stability to their lives. They aim to get it right first time, to bring an end to the recurring problems that living without a home can bring. But homelessness is often a symptom of other underlying issues. A bed for the night is just the starting place.  Working in a partnership based on respect and trust, they help people to find their own solution in ‘your terms, your pace, your place’.

At Edinburgh Festival Camping  we were very happy to donate over 150 sleeping bags which we had used for our pre-pitched tent customers. These will be used in the Streetwork centre and also to give to people who’s home is still on the streets.

If you would like to support Streetwork you can make a donation by texting STWK39 to 70070 to donate now. eg STWK39 £5. Amounts they support are £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 & £10.