STV Edinburgh are getting excited about Campingninja in the City

STV Edinburgh LogoSTV, Scottish TV, in Edinburgh have interviewed Campingninja Director, Rhian Evans, about what to expect and why we are setting it up…

Some of the best bits….

“It’s about looking for somewhere that has a need for budget accommodation with a big event going on and with the largest arts festival in Edinburgh, accommodation is at a premium at that time of year.”

“I’ve been a couple of times to the festival and it’s absolutely wonderful. As I have a young child, I know how much the festival can give to you, it’s such a buzz.”

“It’s an amazing experience and we’d love for more people to have that experience who might not have considered it before.”

“We want to create a place for people, especially families, who might not have considered coming to the festival before, perhaps because they can’t afford the prices for their family to stay in a hotel.”

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