The Stage News welcomes news of Campsite for performers & artists

The STAGE news are excited about a camp site for performers at Edinburgh  Festival Fringe.

campingninja-630x310“A temporary campsite that will offer discounts to performers and allow them to showcase previews of their work is planned for this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.The site is planned by Campingninja, the company which created a pop-up site for last year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. It is expected to hold up to 1,000 campers in 350 tents.””Campingninja is proposing to have a separate performers’ area in the site, and will offer discounts for 12 and 24 day passes. However Evans told The Stage that both the opening time and the length of passes is open to change.”Evans said: “We kind of put it out there to see what the feedback is, and if it is more sensible to do something in a different way, then we can change it. We will probably canvas opinion in some way on the website, so we can get a sense of whether people want to come earlier.”Read the full article here