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Transport: Travelling North of the Wall to the Edinburgh Festivals

Venturing north is a daunting prospect for many. Upon first glance it doesn’t seem overly complicated, after all you just keep heading north until you hit Edinburgh, right? However when one finally decides to book his/her tickets, a maelstrom of questions descends; Should I bring a passport? Do they drive on the right? And more importantly, how on earth is it less expensive to fly to Morocco than to Edinburgh? Have no fear, for Camping Ninja is here, ready to put all of your transport worries to rest.

No, you don’t need a passport. Yes, they drive on the right. As for the travel costs, read on;


By far the cheapest option, perfect for those who, shall we say don’t mind a rustic interior. Although at £16 from Birmingham and only £10 from London (strange I know, but they are the right way round) for an 8-10 hour journey, even the most sensitive traveller could endure a little hardship. For our Welsh brothers and sisters however, Megabus doesn’t seem to offer many options so you might be better pursuing the  alternatives below.

National Express

The marginally more expensive alternative to Megabus, depending on where you’re travelling from. A National Express standard price from Birmingham varies around £16 although from London it costs around £30 and on average the journey takes a couple of hours longer, although the higher prices are justified by the improved travelling conditions, perfect for the taller folk who actually enjoy feeling in their legs.


As an environmentally conscious company, we would advise against short-haul flights, however if needs must, this is an option. Flights from London or Bristol, depending on when you book, is the most affordable flight (around the £25-£30 mark) and the least affordable being up to £100 from Norwich. Needless to say, these really don’t take that long. Skyscanner is a very useful tool when searching a bargain, but don’t forget Skyscanner doesn’t search Easyjet or Ryanair so check these airlines’ websites directly.


As usual, trains are one of the more expensive options, with cheapest prices being from London or Peterborough. The London North Eastern Railway is just putting their August dates on sale now so book now to get the best price. However the blow to the wallet is slightly ameliorated by the coastal scenery and journey time, around 5 hours in total.

Drive yourself

400 miles, at least from London. A taxing journey, particularly if undertaken on your tod. Remember to take regular breaks, you’ll get there eventually, better to still be in one piece. Of course, depending on your MPG, it should cost around £50 in petrol.

And once you arrive if you fancy some cheap accommodation, you’re more than welcome to come and stay with us!

Choose wisely and Bon Voyage!